Brahma Semi Cab UTV

Brahma Semi Cab UTV

With a built-in front windshield, standard wiper system, and rear window protection, it doesn't matter how wild the terrain. The Brahma is a wide-set beast that provides plenty of room for you to stretch out and stay comfortable, whether you are zipping across a job site, or navigating through untamed farmland.

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Ready to Drive?

The Brahma series sport 12.2" of ground clearance and HPG shock absorbers to keep you comfortably floating over most of your average debris and rough terrain. But, just in case you need to push things a little further, we've installed a standard skid plate for added underbelly protection.

The Brahma's roomy cabin includes cushioned seats that allow slide, tilt and lumbar support adjustment for your ultimate comfort. And you are going to want to stay comfortable, because the Brahma is built last. If the grit of the day calls for wash down, our quick release floor mats enable easy cabin cleaning. The high-mounted air intake ensures that the powerful 993CC YANMAR engine powering your Brahma remains as durable and long-lasting as its reputation promises.

And to make that long life even longer, we've designed the Brahma to be incredibly easy to maintain. An extended cargo bed tilt provides plenty of easy access to the engine for regular maintenance. When you invest in a Brahma, you are investing in your future.


  • 4WD
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Automotive tail lights, turn signals and flashers
  • Digital instrument panels
  • Hard-top roof
  • 2" rear receivers
  • Ample storage space
  • Fully-adjustable seating


The BRAHMA boasts an impressive 1000lb. cargo bed load capacity and 2000lbs. of tow capacity for when power is paramount.


Comes with ample storage space for use in storing everything from tool boxes to hunting gear, including under-seat storage options.


Built to provide ample space for its passengers, our seats come equipped with adjustable slide, tilt, and lumbar support.